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• Smoking is not considered acceptable inside or at a table almost everywhere in the United States.
• Guests should not sit until the host and hostess are in place and acknowledge seating. Guests should both seat themselves and depart from the left of the chair.
• Guests should not begin to eat until everyone at the table has been served and the host, hostess, or both have put their silverware on their plate or begun eating.
• A considerate guest will speak to the person on his or her right or left who is not engaged in conversation. In times passed, and today in foreign countries, the accepted form was first to speak to the person seated to one’s right and then to the person seated to one’s left, but that form is no longer used in the United States. It is more acceptable to have a table engaged in conversation within acceptable auditory bounds.
• Food is served from the left and removed from the right. (Less formal: plates are prepared in advance, brought to the table, and set before the guest. This is also done when there are time constraints.)
• When eating soup, dip the spoon sideways into the soup at the near edge of the bowl, then skim from the front of the bowl to the back.
• Food, salt, and pepper should be passed counterclockwise to the right, the object being that food moves only in one direction around the table.
• Salt and pepper should be passed together.
• Pitchers or other dishes with handles should be passed with the handle toward the person receiving them.
• The host and hostess will signal when the meal is finished, and guests should leave the table following their host.
• If excusing oneself from the table before the meal is finished and returning to the table, the napkin should be left, lightly folded, in one’s chair. When the meal is over, the napkin should be placed where the dinner plate was removed or to the left of the plate on the table, slightly folded.
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