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Why Iran's nuclear program has become a headache for the international community.

The developments in Iran and among Iran have influence in the energetic security of the world. Iran controls Persian Gulf, which is the main road of for the vessels of the middle eastern energy to east and west.

Thanks to financial gains, by which Iran spread her influence on Lebanon, Syria and Palestine, in addition, it is by the help of Iran that Shia Muslims came to power in Iraq, it had its role in the creating of the government of Afghanistan. Iran is closely connected with the political developments in Bahrain and Yemen as well. Iran, like other international political players, struggle for political power, to achieve its goals, it makes investment in certain political powers in Middle East, Latin America, Africa.

The Persian Gulf is the pulse of the trade of energy and it is in the hands of Iran. The so-called Iranian threat seems to be more realistic when from time to time Iranian officials threaten to close Strait of Hormuz. Above mentioned arguments are the reasons, that Iranian nuclear program stands a real headache for the international community. The question is...Why is such a rich country as Iran seeking ways to gain nuclear weapon?

Iranians can buy modern types of weapons; solve the economic and social problems, which are the main cause of discontent of Iranians. Why dose Iran think about nuclear weapons?

One of the reasons is the nuclear neighbors as India and Pakistan and the main problem for Iran was nuclearization of her main opponent Israel. The balance between the powers in the Middle East was destabilized, when Israel stood the member of the club of nuclear countries. The Israeli nuclear weapons Tehran considered as a security threat against Iran. Iranian government strives to develop nuclear weapons, because they want to solve their national security problem by the help of nuclear threat. If they handle the technology for making nuclear bombs they believe it will help to keep away USA and Israel from any other kind of military operations against Iran.

Possible developments
1. The USA and Israel will start a war against Iran to prevent final developments of nuclear weapons technology. I think that this decision will be dangerous and adventurous, because In the case of war Iran will try to close Persian Gulf and will bomb tankers which transport energy sources. Military actions can provoke global energy crisis, this war will shape the interests of whole world and can be reason for dangerous and long-term war. ..

2. The West will continue economic pressure on Iran, Iran will develop final technologies for nuclear weapons, but she will not make any tests and life will go on.

3 International communities will pressure on Israel, to surrender her nuclear weapons for destruction to UN and in the same time to pressure on Iran to suspend works on the program of nuclear weapons.

Who is concerned about nuclear bomb of Iran?
If Iran creates nuclear weapons, nuclear arms race will begin in the Middle East. This step of Iran will be followed by Turkey and Saudi Arabia. They will start to search ways to find technologies for nuclear weapons. It is worth mentioning that they are the main opponents of Iran in Muslim world. From the possible nuclear arms race those countries which have limited financial and scientific capabilities and which are not able to finance their own nuclear weapons program will suffer greatly. In addition, the autonomy of the countries with limited capabilities will be in danger, because of the nuclear threat from their neighbors. Possible nuclear war between Iran and Israel will cause the death of millions of people, the economic crisis and irreversible environmental problems. The main task for the international community is to encourage superpowers to cut their nuclear arsenals to avoid such developments. Peace and stability in the Middle East is possible if international community press Israel and Iran to take steps to destroy or not make nuclear weapons. The balance between powers will be stabilized and the nuclear arms race in the Middle East will be stopped. Countries will start to see the solution of their security problems without nuclear weapons.
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Dear agagliasso,

Thank you for your comment, we hope, that Middle East will leave without any war. As I mentioned in the article the main problem is nuclear weapons of Israel. Peace and stability in the Middle East is possible if international community press Israel and Iran to take steps to destroy or not make nuclear weapons. Now we see, that International community press only Iran, I think it is not honor, at first UN SC must solve and destroy Israeli nuclear arsenal and only after that to ask Iran to stop her program.
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