World changed, with the huge rise of internet this called progress now for all nations genders and social levels. It is obvious that new techno time will replace many expeller old perceptions. But however to what extent named global web is a free space how it was conceived  arrying
the serious rudiment of freedom. There are differences between perceptions how to cope with the difficulties and take privileges such as from the simple networking to advanced user with variations of capabilities to adapt.

However majority of youth in many developed and developing countries perceived and adapt to the categories of virtual space at ones, peremptorily. This peremptoriness gives birth to specific fears as well as provokes questions regarded to potential objectivity of the given relative space, as well as possible hypothetical peril when vast majority of youth for the first time, can ones turn up and hypothetically  plunge in the relative or obvious peril. Whether it’s possible virtual world war, or it already metaphorically exists in new techno
epoch. Categories of existence how it was said changes in some cense they become light, and scaled due to possibilities to interoperability . Eventually long expected virtual space just simply formulates easy organized mode of life with capacity of consumption more wide range of all kinds of resources. Nevertheless social sights and social networks have virtual demand In witch our consciousness stubbornly settles, with all on the dispute possible to envisage that in this epoch Internet is brilliant machine of socialization as well, This instrument formulates different society’s,and do this progressively hierarchically.

The www. Internet is more a global lever witch controls measure of freedom and at the same time web formulates above named category's. instrument of global free speech on the one side and as a tool leading to a new type of sophisticated surveillance. Another question is states, governments, regional policies can block Internet in many particulars owing to national interests. The narrowly defined state-centric perspective on Internet regulation has more recently been criticized as “cyber-conservatism” (Mueller, 2010;) the United Nations launched the World Summit on the Information Society in 2002, which opposed proponents of a state-centric regulatory regime to supporters of a more “open, pluralistic, and transnational policy-making framework” Internet–based information and communication technologies (ICTs) and the information flows they support have played an important role in the advancement of society. There are many resources witch nowadays discuses concerning this new military instrument and new media together in different planes. Many authors individuals talk about Internet capability to develop and how to develop. However technical gigantic already exists. For instance we see www. as a political instrument in particular. It considered as a effective method of peaceful transition to democracy In many developing countries. This instrument regulate's transitional countries with transitional politic tasks.Another the most current example of an attempt at a color (“Green”) revolution, we find more evidence of the increasing role ICTs play in pro–democratic revolutionary events in authoritarian states. Web services like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube were actively used in Iran to organize, attract support, and share information about street protests after the June 2009 presidential elections (Gross, 2009) Even an Internet penetration rate as low as one to two percent can be very important for breaking information blockades in non–democratic countries. Goldstein (2007) However this category considering as a means promotion informational media wars. Different particulars consider how internet impacts or develops mass culture this is identical question witch very often occurs in media. The Internet has and continues to be perceived as the infra- structure and tool of global free speech (Mueller, 2010).
But On the dispute the early literature on Internet content regulation has primarily focused on the tension between online content regulation and human rights, in particular freedom of expression and privacy, and constitutional principles such as the rule of law. “norm regression” to designate the transition from the belief in the Internet as a “freedom” technology to the increasing demands for more information controls – has more recently led to the emergence of a more empirical, sometimes apolitical, literature that views Internet blocking not as the exception but rather as a “global norm” in emergence (Deibert 2010, 2011a; McIntyre, 2012).

Newerthless wide discussions are precent due to Internet rise, as broadcast of some rights, to substance with technical prevalence, this happens ubiquitously. Internet world web wide is the political machine. It's fundamental sight, is formation of consciousness however.
world web wide in literature appears often on account of its actuality.

Rice of technical era Internet.
Does the Internet impacts on expansion of circle of reality or not. ( on the whole, yes) (Inet certainly globalize the scope of comunications with its distance – intensive cost strocture and non territorial addressing(muller 2010) Internet is above category of” being determines consciousness,” It's capabilities are wide as they are. This instrument exceeds itself, seems phenomenon. (in 1997 we asked can the Net. Be governed, by 2008 that question had lost it’s force. The question now driving discussions of Internet politics is not whether the Net can be governed, but whether there’s or should be something new and different) (Network and states, the global politic of Internet governance 2010 Milton L”Mueller. ) Old Wine-New Bottles The Internet is a worldwide computer network. It decentralizes and democratizes access to
knowledge bases in ways that used to be impossible. this part consider general trend of using Internet since world web become evaluable

What is interesting is the scale of involvement in global web witch we can watch the relatively during the short period of time when this named Internet mechanism appeared Here we see main trends of development in Middle East for instance during different political and social processes.

The Internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to link billions of devices worldwide. It is a network of networks that consists of millions of private, public, academic, business, and government
networks of local to global scope.

If we need to generalize. The primacy Internet offers lightness and facility of solving exercises practically on every level. Daily simplification, as well as rise of possibilities, and promotion all possible formations groups, and individuals. However Internet history appeared relatively recently on the sunset particular epoch. New global web expanded relatively precipitously. The linking of commercial networks and enterprises by the early 1990s marks the beginning of the transition to the modern Internet,and generated a sustained exponential growth as generations of institutional, personal, and mobile computers were connected to the network. In the 20 years since 1995, Internet use has grown 100-times, measured for the period of one year, to over one third of the world population.

In the whole Internet brought to our existence a lot. As a mens of growth it exceeded. Technical community, in the first place, aims to protect the open and decentralized architecture of the Internet from governmental or corporate encroachment, as well as private actors witch Internet in some way encouraging develop this structure in more broad scope. However there was era with naïve technological determinism when huge generation believed in technological development . But In many ways Internet as a machine of absorption depends on independent units and private formations up to now. Possible to sum up that Net as a virtual space have all prerequisites for named chaos and different kind of encroachments. In authoritarian regimes, the government is generally directly involved in controlling Internet.

Nevertheless future can sound alarming due to capabilities more scaled explosions, Internet is regulator, is provocateur, it is unbeaten instrument so far. If there is something witch can withstand Internet besides politically active groups if there is that is again World Web.
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