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Relations between Armenia and Georgia have strategic importance for both sides and develop rather dynamically. So it`s impossible to evident any facts of information warfare between two nations. Moreover, recent visits of Georgian authorities in the Republic of Armenia (RA) show the bilateral approach to deepen and improve cooperation.

Meantime it`s important to stress some kind of mistrust and tensions in Armenian-Georgian relations, which reflect on information sphere and demand urgent measures to be resolved. The first one is notorious Turkish-Azerbaijani factor: lobbying, incitement to hostility between Armenians and Georgians through misrepresentations and falsifications. In this context it`s important to remember the statement of Sheikh ul-Islam and Grand Mufti of the Caucasus Haji Allahshükür Hummat Pashazade according to which during meeting with him Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II allegedly stated that Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is the territory of Azerbaijan. After this the statement of Allahshükür Hummat Pashazade was published widely by Azerbaijani Media despite the fact that this information was rejected shortly by Ilia II`s representative. Similar incident happened on the discussion organized by European club and information club at the Parliament of Lithuania, where, according to Azerbaijani Media, Georgian Foreign minister Maya Panjikidze allegedly stated that Nagorno-Karabakh conflict must be resolved only in favor of territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

These incidents show that the Azerbaijani Republic (AR) tends to spoil mechanically the relations between Armenia and Georgia. Hence RA should develop very balanced and thoughtful policy in this sphere. In the same manner AR tries to tie legal context of Nagorno-Karabakh and Georgian-Abkhaz-Ossetia conflicts, making Georgia its involuntary ally. It`s important to delimitate this problems and show to our Georgian colleagues the difference in two conflicts, proving that Nagorno-Karabakh conflict must be solved in the framework of the right of nations to self-determination, but meantime it does not mean the same for Abkhazia and South Ossetia and there is no single legal base for these cases.

Cultural-historic factor is another issue of modern Armenian-Georgian relations. The problem goes to Armenian-populated district of Djavakhk of Georgia, which Armenian side unofficially accepts as historic Armenian territory. In this regard Georgia has some fears that some day the RA can claim the territory. This gives birth to some nationalistic moods in Georgia. The situation is getting worse because of several disputable historic monuments and churches in Georgia. In this context we would like to mention the existence of a Georgian page in social network Facebook with title "Armenia is Georgian territory” (the page was deleted by efforts of Armenian users about half a year before). The page had about two thousand followers. Thus we see existence of some kind of nationalistic moods in Georgian society, which must be calculated while developing policy issues towards Georgia.

One more factor which influences deeply on Armenian-Georgian relations is tight Armenian-Russian cooperation, particularly in military field. According to materials published by Wikileaks, Georgian former foreign minister Grigol Vashadze was expressing concerns about Russian military presence in the RA, e.g. Russian forces can use the territory of the RA to attack Georgia from north and south.

Thus it`s becoming evident that despite the positive dynamics of Armenian-Georgian relations, there are some factors which in future can become an impediment to their farther development. In this regard the policy of the RA in information sphere should be directed towards resolution of these controversies and deepening of trust between Armenian and Georgian nations both on governmental and public levels. Large scale of PR initiatives of Armenian policy, Armenian values and brand "Armenia” must take place in Georgian society to decrease and diminish anti-Armenian moods in our neighbor country.
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