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The main purpose of developing the system is to detect car crash accidents automatically and alarm emergency centers to ask for help. So, the paper describes how the car crash detection system is devised for Android smart phones using their embedded sensors such as accelerometer, GPS receiver and a mechanism to inform an emergency center.

The Android's accelerometer is used to detect car crashes and GPS receiver to determine the current location in order to inform the server at an emergency center about the place of the accident. It is shown which accelerations are considered dangerous and which are not. In addition, an approach is presented how to eliminate some dangerous accelerations not caused by a car crash accident.

The paper consists of the following parts.

The section related to the used technologies describes which kind of technologies are used for the design and implementation of the system. Furthermore, brief description of them is provided with some of their advantages to emphasize why they are chosen to devise the system. Among them are Android's accelerometer, GPS receiver, HTTP protocol, java servlets, JDBC driver and MySQL database.

The part of requirements shows the elicitation of stakeholders of the system and how they interact with it. In this section there are also use cases.

Next the design part is coming. It describes the architecture of the system, how many components it includes, class diagrams, system sequence diagrams, the algorithm used to detect car crash accidents and how to avoid false positives (in other words, how to determine which dangerous accelerations cause by a car crash). Besides that, the design of the database is presented which stores user and accident data.

The following part is the implementation that shows some code snippets with their explanations illustrated by examples. Relatively more important snippets are presented to implement the algorithm of car crash detection. Among them are codes pertaining to Android's accelerometer sensor which is used to listen to the Android smart phone's accelerations and outline dangerous ones and GPS receiver that is used to determine accident location to inform servers at emergency centers for the help.

Afterwards, the testing section includes the results of testing of Car Crash Detection System for various accelerations of the phone. Screenshots are presented with explanations. In addition, the paper also suggests some further perspectives related to how the system can be expanded and improved.

To summarize it all, the paper provides used technologies, requirements, design and implementation of Car Crash Detection System for Android smart phones. In addition, further perspectives with the conclusion are presented.

Keywords: Car Crash Detection System, Android's accelerometer, GPS receiver, false signals about an accident (dangerous accelerations when there is no accident), alarming messages, client server architecture.
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